Create Next And Back Buttons Pagination To Split Posts In WordPress

It exist a lot of plugin that have a big size, as result they can slow your website performance, for that, I have developed my own plugin useful and with a small size.

Why my plugin:

*Size of this plugin in .zip is : 10.7 KB
*Next and back plugin*Don’t slow your website with a guarantee 100%
*Responsive with all Devices
*when you use it, you get more cpc adsense (cost per click) and increasing your CPM (cost per impressions).100% legal
*By default, the slider is enabled on posts and pages.

*The plugin has been successfully tested with a wide range of plugins.
*you can change only the color

how to install it:

In the WordPress administration panel, open the “Plugins -> Add new -> Upload” page.
Select and upload the “the plugin zip” file.
How to use it:
When you finish to typing your first paragraph click on: Break Page or put <!–nextpage–>.
After that typing your second paragraph …..

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